SpectNet IDE

Visual Studio 2017/2019 integrated ZX Spectrum IDE for the Community

Tool Commands » Disassembly: Miscellaneous

Disassembly Type Command

T (48|128|P3|NEXT)

You can choose the disassembly type for the current view. ZX Spectrum models have their disassembly peculiarities. For example, the Spectrum 48K model uses the RST #28 instructions to implement a floating point calculator with bytecode that follows the call. Spectrum 128K uses the RST #28 instruction to call into ROM 0 with the 2-byte address that follows the RST call.

With this command you can select which model type to use for the disassembly displayed in the tool window.

Re-Disassembly Command


You can force a re-disassembly of the current view. If the contents of the RAM changes, you might need this command to refresh the view so that you can see the latests changes.

Jump Command

J literal

This command works only when the Spectrum VM is paused. It sets the Program Counter (PC) to the specified address. When the Spectum VM continues running — after the Start command — it will carry on from the specified address.