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The IAudioConfiguration interface

Namespace: Spect.Net.SpectrumEmu.Abstraction.Devices
Assembly: Spect.Net.SpectrumEmu

public interface IAudioSamplesDevice

This interface represents the configuration of the beeper/sound device. The object type that implements it has these properties:


int AudioSampleRate { get; }

The audio sample rate used to generate sound wave form.


int TactsPerSample { get; }

The number of ULA tacts per audio sample.


int SamplesPerFrame { get; }

The number of samples per ULA video frame. It’s value is the quotient of AudioSampleRate and TacsPerSample. However, because it is an integer value, certain frames contain this amount of audio samples, while other frames may contain one more sample.

The AudioSamples class

This class stores audio samples for the currently rendered virtual machine frame.

Namespace: Spect.Net.SpectrumEmu.Scripting
Assembly: Spect.Net.SpectrumEmu

public sealed class AudioSamples


public int Count { get; }

Gets the number of samples stored


public float this[int index] { get; }

Gets the sample at the specified index. Each sample is a float value between 0.0f and 1.0f.