SpectNet IDE

Visual Studio 2017/2019 integrated ZX Spectrum IDE for the Community

Tool Commands » Watch Samples

These samples help you to understand how powerful the watch expressions are:


Displays the two bytes stored in the memory at the address pointed by the XPOS symbol.

[`Z ? XPOS : YPOS :W]

If the Z flag is set, reads the two bytes stored at the XPOS address; otherwise retrieves the two bytes from YPOS address.


Displays the value of DE and HL registers multiplied. The result is a double word (32 bits).

[#4000:DW] & [MASK:DW] :%32

Reads the four bytes stored at the #4000 address. Uses the four bytes store at the address pointed by MASK and executes a bitwise AND operation on these two 32-bit values. Displays the result as a 32-bit binary vector.