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Tutorials v2 » List the BASIC program

With the ZX Spectrum BASIC list tool window, you can display the BASIC program typed or loaded into your running ZX Spectrum machine. Here you can see the program code of the Jackpot game while it’s running:

List BASIC program

The toolbar of the ZX Spectrum BASIC List window has two buttons:

List BASIC toolbar

  • The first button allows you to export the BASIC listing.
  • With the second button you can toggle between Sinclair and ZX BASIC modes.

Export BASIC Listing

With this command, you can export the BASIC listing to a file:

Predefined symbols

By setting the Mimic ZX BASIC checkbox, the output will use ZX BASIC escape sequences for control characters.

Set the display mode of BASIC

In Sinclair mode, control characters (e.g., INK, PAPER, BRIGHT, etc.) are shown with their hexadecimal code between ° characters:

Sinclair BASIC mode

However, in ZX BASIC mode, the control characters are displayed with their ZX BASIC escape sequences. Inline control characters (out of string values wrapped in double quotes) are omitted: