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You can load a program from the tape into the memory with the LOAD "" statement. Hey, we do not have a tape, so how does SpectNetIDE know what program to load?

As a part of your project, you can add tape files with standard .TAP or .TZX format. When the IDE creates a new ZX Spectrum project, it adds a sample tape file, Welcome.tzx; it puts it into the TapeFiles folder. With the Add Existing Item command of Visual Studio, you can attach more tape files to the project. The virtual machine – that runs the ZX Spectrum Emulator – can work only with a single tape file at a time. To load that one – called the default tape –, follow these steps:

  1. In Solution Explorer, select the tape file you want to attach to the virtual machine.

  2. Right-click the Set as default tape file command:

Set default tape

The IDE marks the default tape file with bold typeface.

Default tape file set

  1. Next time you enter the LOAD "" statement, the virtual machine will play the newly selected tape file.

Pacman loads

Note: You can change the default tape file between loads while the machine runs – without stopping and restarting it.